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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Improved FAERS Reports

I spent some free time in the past month or so improving the summary documents that go with the FAERS reports that we sell (click here to download a sample report).

The pics below are for FAERS cases in which OxyContin is a primary suspect.

Here is a chart of new OxyContin cases per year. Clients ask for this a lot, and I've finally automated the process of generating this type of chart.

This bar-graph shows OxyContin adverse events grouped by MedDRA System-Organ Class (SOC). This is also something that many clients have asked for in the past. I also have automated grouping of adverse events by high-level group term (HLGT), and high-level terms (HLT), which I think may be helpful for regulatory filings.

I'm not sure how useful this heat-map is, but it looks nice. The title is self-explanatory.

Finally, here is an awful photo of the moon that I am proud of since my 10-year old son took it in the freezing cold about 1 week ago. He got a telescope for Christmas and he held my phone up to the eyepiece with his shaky hands. I think you can actually see a crater or two in the photo. The actual view through the eyepiece with our human eyes was far more impressive. 

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