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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Age / Gender Distribution in FAERS Reports

If you break FAERS reports by gender / sex, you'll see that the number of reports for females is remarkably larger than the number of reports for males. My speculation is that this has to do with the notion that men feel that filing a report complaining about their meds makes people question their masculinity. Again, no idea if that's true, but it seems reasonable.

Below, you can see histograms of FAERS reports partitioned by patient age and gender.

Some highlights:

  1. The female age distribution is in pink
  2. The median female age is 55 years.
  3. The male age distribution is in blue (most of the male distribution shows up as purple because it is overlaid on the pink female distribution (pink + blue = purple). 
  4. The median male age is 58 years.
  5. You can see the # of female reports dominates over the male reports.
  6. There is one exception and that is with young patients (reports for males are more common for newborns up to about 13 yo).
  7. Then the shape of the female and male distributions is roughly identical except for the "hump" from ages 17 to 45 in the female distribution, which means that females report more frequently in all age groups from 17 years and up, but they report much more frequently from 17 to 45ish.

More importantly, my son's moonshot has gotten better.

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